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This is the home base of Dr. File Finder's Online PR, Marketing, and Promotion which is a subsidiary of Callahan Enterprises. This site is intended primarily for software authors who are looking for help with marketing and promotion of their software products. Here you can learn about what services are offered, methods of payment, learn some history, and find some good resources. So, if you're in the market for some help with marketing and promotion, this is the place to look!



Drop by here to read my blog on a variety of topics. I have Random Rants on topics of interest, Tech News, and personal and family perspectives in a feature called Along The River.

I also include videos of interest from www.butterscotch.com that I think you'll find useful. So, pop in anytime and take a look for yourself. I don't guarantee that I post every day, but hopefully when I do post something it's worth reading. Let me know with your comments.

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